Modular Operation Theatre

We carve your vision into reality which saves your cost on (MOT) Modular Operation Theatre .

Modular Operation Theatre

We Design Modular OT as per NABH & Health Care Norms.

This modular operating room adapts to fit whatever space might be available; it is equally suited for new construction and for rebuilding and expansion projects.

The system is cost effective in the long run, and that has a significant economic impact for hospitals over the long run.

Examples of this sustainability include flexibility, time saving and confidence for investments.

Modular Operation Theatre Features

  • A continuous flow of highly filtered ‘bacteria-free’ air is reticulated under positive pressure into the operating field and air contaminants generated during surgery are removed from the site.
  • With anti-bacterial paint has minimum durability of 10 years.
  • Seamless, Easy to clean (Fogging/Mopping)
  • Moisture resistance, freeze/thaw resistance.

Advantages of Modular Operating Theatre’s

  • Contamination risks in the room are under control
  • Disinfecting is quicker & safer
  • Less clean air is necessary with hermetic doors
  • Control the positive pressure in the room.
  • The number of air changes and amount of clean air required is reduced, saving money.
  • OT Temperature Should be maintained 21ºC  +/-  3ºC  (Except Ortho for Joint Replacement  as 18ºC  +/-  2ºC  as and a humidity of 40 – 60% can be easily controlled
  • In case of fire, prevents smoke from spreading
  • Creating a quite environment in & outside the theatre

OT Walls Panels

AMS walls can always be customized to meet every need & sets standards in terms of functionality and flexibility, aesthetics and quality.

Corian Wall

Corian® is a solid, non-porous, homogeneous surfacing material composed of ± 1/3 acrylic resin and ± 2/3 natural minerals.

The main mineral is aluminium TriHydrate derived from bauxite.

Stainless Steel (SS 304)

Stainless Steel  (SS )304 Panels should have flame resistance as per BIS.

Wall & Ceiling panel should be Steel PUF Panel should have two independent steel surfaces, freestanding structure, constructed from composite, free standing insulated Steel Wall & Ceiling panels shall be made of Stainless Steel Grade 304 material having thickness not less than 0.6 mm front and back coated steel 0.5 mm thick.

Thickness of panel for wall 50mm and 30-50 mm minimum for ceiling to achieve better thermal Insulation

Glass Panel

Operating Room Wall Panels will be of Glass (with Digital Pictures) having minimum 10mm thickness.

Flushed with EGP Walls backed by 12mm thick gypsum board and supporting hardware/sub frame/plates.

GI / PPGI MOT With Antibacterial Paint Coating

Galvanized steel is produced by dipping bare steel in a bath of molten zinc metal.

A protective coating is formed by metallurgical reaction between iron and zinc stainless steel is defined as a steel alloy with a minimum of 11.5 wt% chromium content. Stainless steel does not stain, corrode or rust as easily as ordinary steel (it “stains less”), but it is not stain-proof.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

Laminates molded and cured at pressures not lower than 6900 KPa (1000 psi) are defined as High Pressure Laminates (HPL)

They basically consist of paper and thermosetting synthetic resins, paper comprising more than 60% of the product.

The remaining 30 to 40% consists of cured phenol-formaldehyde resin for the core and melamine-formaldehyde resin for the decorative layer

Vinyl Wall Cladding

Anti Static Vinyl Wall Covering with 1.2mm thick having antifungal, antimicrobial properties.

It acts as a buffer against damage from beds, trolleys and indoor motorized vehicles and other transportation systems.

Specially used in hospital and clean room.

OT Ceiling Panels

AMS Ceiling Panels can always be customized to meet every need & sets standards in terms of functionality & flexibility, aesthetics & quality.

Stainless Steel (SS 304) Panel

Puff in filled GI/PPGI Panel

Metalic Ceiling (Alunimum)

Aluminium ceiling is light in weight, high in hardness, durable and long in use;

Construction installation is easy to disassemble, easy to repair and easy to clean

Calcium Silicate

The boards do not aid corrosion, Saponification of paints or affect bituminous compounds.

Calcium silicate false ceiling is light in weight, high in hardness, durable and long in use

Construction installation is easy to disassemble, easy to repair and easy to clean.

Antimicrobial / Antibacterial Coating

Features of  Window

  • Seamless and easy to clean Can be steam cleaned  Chemical resistant  Hard wearing – will withstand aggressive cleaning regimes
  • Durable – life expectancy in excess of 5 years
  • Long-term savings – need not be replaced at the end of design lives.
  • Cost-effectiveness – last 3 to 4 times longer than fungicidal paints.

OT Flooring

Vinyl floors have stain resistant surface treatments enabling easy cleaning and guaranted hygiene.


  • Reduces the spread of pathogens
  • Easy to maintain
  • Reduces sound impact
  • Prevents bacterial/fungal growth

Conductive Flooring

  • Electrostatic Conductive Vinyl
  • High Resistance against Chemical & Mechanical Strains
  • Wide range of Colours


  • Easy to Install, Repair, Clean
  • High Resistance against Chemical & Mechanical Strains
  • Wide range of Colours

OT Doors

AMS make all type of Clear Room Door having the option in SS304/HPL /PPGI/PCGI with aluminium section GI frame with a variety of options including double glazed toughed vision panels, as per customer requirement. Our clean room doors are extremely durable and are available in different models & Sizes for clean rooms, OR, hospitals, and other special purposes .

The Door has premium make accessories like Door closer, SS 304 hinges, aluminium hinges, D-type handle, Drop seal, Lock with the cylinder, tower bolt for the double door.

Hermetically Sealed Sliding Door

  • Manual as Standard Unit
  • Automation Option with Radar Switch Foot Switch And Photo Cell Sensor

Hermetic Manual Swing Door

  • Available In HPL / SS-304 / PPGI
  • Manual as Standard Unit with Door Closer
  • Available in Single Leaf & Double Leaf

Laminar Air flow System

Laminar flow is defined as airflow in which the entire body of air moves with steady, uniform velocity along parallel flow lines with a minimum of eddies.

The supply of air to an operating room should have four main functions;

To control the temperature and humidity of the space.

To assist in the removal and dilution of waste anesthetic gases.

To dilute airborne bacterial contamination To control the movement of air within the department, such that the transfer of airborne bacteria from clean to sterile areas is minimized.

For Operating Theatre, One of the main objectives of system is to dilute the bacteria generated by the operating team and patient in the theatre and to create an Air flow pattern that carries out contaminated air away from the operating table.

Integrated Plenum is supplied by us as an integral parts of Operating Theatre Department Design and Solution.

Features of  Ceiling Mounted Laminar Flow

  • To create a controlled sterile working area
  • Free of bacterial contamination with positive
  • air pressure, HEPA filters 0.3 microns


The outdoor unit is usually located in the rear or side of your Office it is where the heat from inside your room is dispersed. It contains the compressor, condenser coil and a fan.

Features of  ODU

  • Condenser shall be Air Cooled type
  • Tubing will be copper
  • Tubing Coated with Corrosion Resistant Coating

Air Handling Unit

An Air Handler, or Air Handling unit, is a device used to regulate and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system..

Features of  AHU

  • We offer precision engineered Air Handling Units in various designs and capacities.
  • Double Skinned Available in PPGI/SS-304.


Features of  Ducting

  • Aluminium Material 18-20 Gauges without Sharp Edge
  • Gasket of 3mm between the Joints
  • Leak-less Ducting with Proper Insulation

LED Peripheral Light

Lighting in operating theatres must always be designed and implemented in connection … General operating theatre lighting..

Features of  ODU

  • Standard Size 2 ft x 1 ft
  • IP 65 Grade
  • Excellent Luminous Intensity

OT control panel

AMS world class Services with  Superior Product range, of standards, Quality & Designed CONTROL PANEL.

The Panel should contain 6 or 9 service.

Features of  Surgical Control Panel

  • Time Day Clock
  • Time Elapse Day Clock
  • General Lighting Systems
  • Hands Free Telephone Set
  • Medical Gas Alarm panel
  • HEPA Filter Stands module
  • Room pressure Indicator
  • Temprture & humidity Display Control Panel
  • Music Control

OT Light & OT Table

OT Light

A surgical light – also referred to as an operating light or surgical light head A combination of several surgical lights is often referred to as a “surgical light system”.

  • It is used in high demanding Surgical Procedures
  • To Ensure Low Energy Consumption and Long Service Life

OT Table

An operating table, sometimes called operating room table, is the table on which the patient lies during a surgical operation. This surgical equipment is usually found inside the surgery room of a hospital.

  • For Wobble Free & High Stability during Operation
  • Extensive use of SS-304 for Rust Free Long Life


Modern Ceiling Pendants are motorised, with an electromagnetic braking system to enable them to be easily moved into a position that most suits the individual patient.

Single Arm a (Anesthesia)

  • Providing all Medical Gases & Electrical Services
  • Facilitating Equipment Management for the Anesthetists

Double Arm Pendant (Surgeon)

  • Providing all Medical Gases & Electrical Services
  • Pendant are designed to load surgical instruments
  • Facilitating Equipment Management for the Anesthetists

Sterile Corridor


X-Ray View Screen

Features of  X-Ray Viewing Screen

  • Two plates of x-ray viewing screen
  • Flicker-free luminance
  • Hygienic condition and easy to clean Front Access
  • Four high-frequency fluorescent lamps with Dimming Control PCB and More

Pressure Relief Damper (PRD)

The PRD is used to prevent backflow and relieve pressure through ventilation duct systems. The Pressure Relief Damper can be modified to meet the requirements of specific clients specifications.

Features of  PRD

  • Multiple Bladed Unit (SS-304)
  • Balancing Carried Out Using Balanced Weight
  • Working Range of 5-35Pa

Writing or list Board

Features of  Writing Board

  • Acrylic Board
  • With Magnetic Properties

Scrub Sink

Surgical Scrub Sinks are made of the highest quality stainless steel

2-Bay Scrub Sink (SS-304)

  • Surgical Scrub Sinks are easy to maintain and Durable
  • Scrub Sinks are available with One, Two, or Three Stations

2-Bay Scrub Sink (Corian)

  • Surgical Scrub Sinks are easy to maintain and Durable
  • Scrub Sinks are available with Two, or Three Stations

Storage Cabinet

The Storage Unit can be made with 1.50 mm thick EGP Zinc coated steel panels, stainless Steel panels, high pressure laminate panels. The hospital storage unit will be divided in 2 equal parts and each part will have individual glass doors with high quality locking system. Each part will be provided with glass racks

Features of  Storage

  • AMS Provides customized built-in Storage Cabinets inside the OT which can store sterile items, Syringes, Sutures, Saline Bottles, Catheters, Sterile Bins etc, for ready availability inside the OT.
  • This allows time management and workflow inside the OT in an efficient way.


Features of  Window

  • Consisting of Double Insulated fixed Glazing with not less than 5mm Thick Toughened Glass

Hatch Or Pass Box

A Pass box should be provided in Operation Theatre to supply and removal of OT requirement. Each box should be equipped with two doors and the door should be operated electronically. The box should be designed in such a way that only one door should be opened one time.

Features of  Hatch or Pass Box

  • Stainless Steel -304
  • Double Skin with coving Inside With Ultraviolet Light (UV)
  • MOC – 20 swg stainless steel grade 304.
  • View Panel – 5mm thick glass on both the shutters.
  • Double skin body – Inside coving.
  • With UV Light’ ON’ operational when doors are closed .
  • Electromagnetic Interlocking facility when one of the door is open other one will be close thus restrict free flow of air from one side to other.

Bed Head Panel

We offer a wide range of high tech Bed Head Panel Accommodates

Features of  Bed Head Panel

  • Two each of Oxygen & Vacuum Outlets
  • Four multi- pins 5/15 Amps, Switch Sockets outlets combined
  • Medi-rail
  • Provision for Nurse Call Cut-out