OT Light & OT Table

Operating tables

Operating tables are a staple requirement for a surgery or medical procedure. Having been present since the 19th century, operating tables have evolved a lot with technology and with the evolution there have been different types of operating tables developed for different kinds of surgeries. However, one crucial aspect of operating tables that does stay the same in every case is to provide the patient immense comfort and be easy for the doctor to use according to the surgery.

Technological advancements have moved the surgical table way beyond glorified gurney into a cross between the space shuttle and a carnival ride. The need for versatility, articulation, safety, efficiency, flexibility, and reliability is reflected in models that can literally move up, down, and all round, take pictures in the process, and all the while support the considerable weight of the expanding population. Growing in prominence are electrohydraulic tables with multiple patient-positioning options that increase clinical versatility, enable integration of imaging equipment, and ensure compatibility with computer-video based surgical practices.

  • For Wobble Free & High Stability during Operation
  • Extensive use of SS-304 for Rust Free Long Life

OT Lights

Operating lights are a necessary component of any operating theatre or surgical suite and are available in a variety of different configurations, wattages, and features. Wide selections of surgery lights are available in the market currently including both large, ceiling-mounted OR lights and small, portable exam lights. The latest generation of surgical lights uses LEDs for their light source. Surgical light manufacturers have shifted from using halogen and metal halide to LEDs for their light sources since they last longer than traditional incandescent versions and often incorporate LCD touchscreens to adjust illumination and spotlight settings.

LED surgical lights can be configured with high-definition cameras and monitors providing surgeons with the latest technology. They can be mounted on the wall and on the ceiling in a variety of configurations. Some manufacturers offer surgical lights with battery back-ups to ensure the surgical team has lighting in case of any electrical disruptions.

  • It is used in high demanding Surgical Procedures
  • To Ensure Low Energy Consumption and Long Service Life